White Stoneware Ceramic Planter Large

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The general acceptance of the colour white can never be overestimated. It is loved by all and sundry since it is often seen as classic and elegant. Plus, it is one of the few universal colours that can blend in with every other colour known to man. Now imagine giving your customers the option of buying an immaculate white planter such as this for an affordable price; they'll jump at the opportunity!
The Planter White Large is a big, bold and beautiful planter moulded in large proportions as it stands at 20 centimetres high. It is functionally moulded in a cylindrical shape and then aesthetically glazed in an immaculate white colour which is sure to blend in with every interior and exterior d?cor of your customers. Apart from being a planter, it is qualified to be used in isolation as living spaces' ornament for that soothing ambiance. As a result, it can be strategically located at different points in the house and office such as in hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, etc.

Material: Stoneware Ceramic
Size: 19.5x19.5x20cm

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