Vase Seaweed White Sml

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The ocean is nothing short of magnificent and interesting and so are its inhabitants. It is associated with calmness, relaxation and happy times, qualities that make life beautiful. To project this kind of vibe wherever you reside, consider creating a coastal-styled interior d?cor. For starters, this beautiful small vase would do the trick.
Its design is inspired by seaweed, from how it rises from the ocean bed to the structure. The edges of the stunning vase are uneven and the surface boasts branch-like lines. Unlike its larger version from LaVida, this artistic vase is relatively smaller in size since it measures 12cm x 7cm x17cm. Its small size allows it to be perfect for displaying plants and flowers in small indoor or outdoor spaces. You can display the seaweed-inspired vase on top of a book shelf, TV stand, coffee table, console table, or anywhere else around your home or office.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 12.5x7x17cm

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