Vase Gold Tall

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The Vase Gold Tall has an appealing uniqueness attached to its aesthetic outlook. This is because it is finely finished with a weathered gold palette and wears a leafy patterned motif that is consistent with the shape of the Chinese native gingko leaf. This vase can also be classified to have a dual functionality of being a vase and/or a jar based on its artistic shapely design.
Jars are often made in a dimension that is round in shape, tall, with high shoulders, small opening and often without handles with which to carry them. This description is certainly consistent with this Vase Gold Tall. Hence, apart from being considered as a vase, it can also function as a jar which can be displayed for ornamental purposes in various strategic locations around the home such as in the living room, in the dining room display shelf, at the entrance to the main door and several other places where it would look good.

Material: Metal
Size: 19.5x19.5x55cm

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