Oval Coral Ceramic Planter S/2

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The Planter Oval S/2 Coral is a set of planters with a unique design that would appeal to the decorative sense of most of your customers. It is a set of planters that consists of two different planters both of which feature the same shapeliness and coral patterned design. They differ from one another only in size as one is made smaller than the other so as to satisfy the various ornamental and planting needs of your customers.
Showcasing a seamless blend of the colour white and blue, the Planter Oval S/2 Coral is a set of planters that would especially appeal to your customers who might be having various decorative and plant growing needs. It consists of two planters though having the same design, but moulded in different a different size. It consists of a larger sized planter which measures 17 centimetres in length and is 10 centimetres wid. The smaller planter on the other hand is 12 centimetres long and 8.5 centimetres wide.
Material: Ceramic
Size: L: 17x10x7.5 / S: 12x8.5x6cm

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