Soft Blue Capiz Stool

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Carved entirely from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), a stiff and durable wood. MDF repels knots or kinks, therefore the right choice for our product. To reassure a finesse finish, this stool is lined by hand one by one with Capriz "Mother of Pearls." Capiz shells are delicate and timeless, a treasured decorative element for thousands of years. This stool features a neutral palette of cream, gold, blue, and jewel tints.
Soft Blue Capiz Stool is quite functional and versatile, inspired by the Orient design structure. It fits as an outdoor garden stool and handy as a side table, coffee table, or a repurposed nightstand. This traditional accent has eye-catching patterns capable of bringing colour and texture to one's interior. Stool/Table Soft Blue has a satin-like finish that makes it incredibly hygienic. It staves off dust and dirt residue, grease, or bacteria. Its smooth surface does not scratch and also resistible to wear and tear.
Material: MDF, Capiz
Size: 35x35x47cm