Small Cinnamon Ceramic Planter

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It has bold bright cinnamon-coloured stripes running from top to bottom all along is creamy white exterior. This tiny little planter has the ability to give a certain advantage to your plant display owing to its robust good looks and its simple pattern which will bend in wonderfully as much in the exterior of your home as in other interior. Place small sized plant in it and see, how its look instantly gains a certain kind of attractiveness.
When you love your greens and wish to show them off in the best possible way, what could be better than the simple beauty of well crafted, hand painted ceramic planters on offer. Made using exotic crafting technique that is traditional and refined to suit the needs of modern homes. This piece has been hand painted and thus the irregularity perhaps in its bold cinnamon coloured stipes. Curves gracefully and sits on four tiny curved legs that allows it great balance as well. The glaze on the exterior will ensure that with w wipe of cloth it looks clean and ready for displaying anywhere. Go on-add that flowering petunia or the verbena that pretty little planter to show off their blooms.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 11x11x11cm

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