Shell Candle Sml Seafoam

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The Shell Candle Small Seafoam differs completely from other candles out there. It features a specially designed wax holder that is a magnificent ornament in itself even without the wax being lighted yet. This wax holder is moulded using good quality ceramic material which is shaped like the shell of a conch or snail. This shapely resemblance of a conch and its Olympic blue palette gives it a sea motif.
The Shell Candle Small Seafoam is a small sized shell-like candle holder which contains top quality refined wax. This container of wax is moulded in a beautiful shape which simulates the shape of a conch and snails. In the hollow, wide part of the shell like ceramic is poured solidified premium refined wax and two long burning wicks for the most enjoyable soothing illumination and decorative candle lighting possible. It is made in a small dimension which measures 14 centimetres in length, 12.5 centimetres in width and 7 centimetres tall.