Shell Candle Lrg Seafoam

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The Shell Candle Large Seafoam is the bigger version of the Shell Candle Small Seafoam. Of course, it would be prudent to order both because different customers have different candle lighting needs. Hence, they would also require different sizes and types of candles. As a result, ordering this large sized distinguished candle along with the smaller version would provide your customers with a candle for every purpose.
Apart from being highly useful in casting soothingly glowing illumination to any interior or exterior settings, the Shell Candle Large Seafoam is also a distinctly stylish ornament that is worth being used in every decorative setup. This is due to the distinct beach themed shapeliness which is carefully moulded from fine ceramic material in the shape of a conch. It is moulded in such a way that the spiral shaped, shell-like design is large while it has a wide opening and a hollow in which quality refined white wax is poured with two wicks inserted in it.Material: Ceramic, Wax
Size: 17.5x15.5x9cm

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