Savana Ceramic Planter Large

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The Planter Savannah Lrg is a stunning planter with uniqueness in its visual outlook. Customers who wish to update their d?cor through the use of planting pot would be wise to choose this elegantly glazed planter. This is because this planter artfully marries two contrastive colours into such singularly purposed d?cor. The handcrafting and painting of each of these planters is unique as there might be variations in finish and painting.
Standing tall and graceful at an impressive height of 21 centimetres in height, the Planter Savannah Lrg is a large sized planting pot that is equally wide. Measuring 20 centimetres in width and length, it would afford your customers the opportunity of growing whatever specie of plant they wish to grow. As part of its multi-purpose functionality, it is also perfect for brightening the decorative atmosphere of interior and exterior settings given its choice of black and white palette. The interior and the tripod stand is lacquered in a rich cream colour.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 20x20x21cm