Rising River Ceramic Planter Medium

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The shades and hues are delicate-the wavering riverine colours are soothing and at the same time unique -the planter is all of 15 cm high and in it manages to capture a pattern , colours and the perfect look of fine quality ceramic bound to add a great deal of excitement to your spaces though its wonderful features. The Rising River planter is sturdy and smartly proportioned to fit into small corners and niches as well.
When thinking of getting plants into your indoors you have to consider the constraint of space and thus compactly sized planters such as this ceramic made one shall fulfil that need. Made from very fine quality ceramic, this delightful piece has a range of colours that makes it look unique and rather modern. Fine crafting method used makes the planter sturdy and it is the kind of ceramic that ahs a lovely sheen to match its look. Elegant and the kind of colours that will sit well with all kinds of colour palette in your interiors, whether to do up some corner or to simply have it like any standalone piece, this is a great means to make your home gain fresh new natural look with plants that come sitting inside these gorgeous ceramic planters. This medium sized one is 15 cm high and about the same in its diameter making it a great choice for small rooms and corners.

Material: Ceramic
Size: 15x15x15.5cm