Petals Ceramic Planter Medium

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Measuring an equal, moderate size in length and width, the Planter Petals Med is moulded in a dimension which measures 15 centimetres in length, 15 centimetres in width and 15.5 centimetres in height. However, there is the large and extra-large sized variant which you should order for customers with bigger planting needs. This particular planter is capable of fusing outstanding decorative appeal without consuming space.
The Planter Petals Med is a fabulous addition to any garden, living room, terrace, hallway, balcony, office, attic, and wherever else your customers might choose to have this planter displayed. Its appealing look is the product of the various polychromatic designs which decorates the exterior of this planter. Also depicted is a single plant stem complete with leaves and buds. There are as many as a dozen of this planter in every carton that you order today. It is supported by short, sturdy legs which provide it with optimum support.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 15x15x15.5cm