Peach Stoneware Ceramic Planter XL

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Plants can make a huge difference to the manner in which your d?cor looks-after all, they add that fresh vibe that only nature can infuse your spaces with- and making such an inclusion possible is Lavida that brings to you the most delectable range of ceramics in this new seasonal range. Give your green corner the much-needed addition sure to make it the most wonderful part of your spaces.
Its stands elegantly on tiny rounded legs- the ceramic body cylindrical and attractively neutral in appearance thus making it completely in synch with all kinds of d?cor and any pre existing colours in the interiors. You could place this on table tops and low display stools so as to leverage its looks to quite another high. Placing upright stemmed plants will help keep its very own beautiful design and colours looking their best. You could combine this with many such delightful ceramic urns and planters on offer from Lavida. This one has a 20 cm dimeter making it as robust and large enough to help a large enough plant to reside in it. the colours infused on the ceramic planter -a delicate peach blending into an off white-the sheen of fine ceramic -all of it makes it an elegant piece that surely will make all the difference to the manner in which your spaces begin to look.

Material: Ceramic
Size: 20.5x20.5x21.5cm

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