Palm Springs Side Table White Wash Rattan

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Seating spaces get their character and usability when you just the right kind of furniture which makes them more usable and for sofas and couches to feel more comfortable and relaxing you need that all important side table that lends a hand when it comes to completing nots just the look of the space but also help give you that table top space for your mug of coffee or your book.
Side tables are an important accessory for any seating space-they are kind of versatile-easy to shift and move around as and where you need them most and in this case, the very look of this washed in white bamboo made table will cheer up the space and the setting instantly-summer fresh white colour goes splendidly with all kinds of settings-be it modern or more traditional. The washed in white table has a patterned frame created from bamboo and the top is facetted lending it a truly unique appeal -some of it owing to the white colour and the rest because of the delightful design. Sure to combine well especially with shabby chic look and ultra-modern look d?cor that wants decoration the bland way-albeit this piece of furniture will render the space more attractive and exclusive in its appeal. Add it to a room that already has furniture and yet it will blend in rather well-bringing in a modern kind of flair. It is 50 cm high with 30 cm in keeping.
Material: Bamboo
Size: 30.5x30.5x50cm

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