Natural Wood Arizona Carved Planter Bowl

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It's made from light coloured paulownia wood - the hues almost reminding you of the sand dunes in a desert and hence the name Arizona clicks so well with it. give your planters a stand that will help elevate them to a height thus helping them be more visible. The wood shows off its natural colour ad grans and its imperfections somewhat builds in its unique kind of personality. A great means to give some of your shorter plants a better height so as to be truly be seen in all their beauty.
Your green spaces needs the right kind of planters and trays that can help enhance the beauty of your potted greens. Here is one made from paulownia wood - comes in a unique platter like shape that is raised and thus helps giving extra height of about 15.5 cm to your plant. The round tray on top if the pedestal like base has a diameter of 29 cm. You could use it to show off your floral arrangement by placing a vase on it or simply use it like you would any platter. The wood wears its uneven natural texture and its grains that lends it so much personality.
Material: Paulownia Wood
Size: 29x29x15.5cm