Natural Wood Arizona Carved Planter

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Choosing the right kind of planter can make all the difference to the way your green corner looks and offering you a rather chic option is Lavida. Made from paulownia wood, this rather uniquely shaped planter will allow a display of a faux plant or a potted one that could be made to nestle in its 19 cm diameter hollowed out space. It stands as tall as 30 cm, making quite an impression in its most natural and organic of looks.
You will see the light wood showing off its natural grains, the uneven surface has its own natural look that makes this planter all the more unique. Styled to look modern to blend in with any kind of d?cor or placement - whether at a window sill or a table top you wish to sue for displaying greens, it is 30 cm in height thus giving it adequate height to be used for floor placement as well. The ridges define its design. The planter has light coloured and its upper half with its cylindrical shape ends in longish lower portion tat is narrow as compared to the top. Will add a twist of design to the display that such unique modern planters bring with them.
Material: Paulownia Wood
Size: 19x19x30cm

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