Natural Timber Carved Hanging Planter Large

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Invite the most delightful of natural vibe into your balconies and window awnings where hanging planters could be added - they will instantly add a touch of natural beauty with their presence. This one comes with its hangers as part of the unit and will be easy to use. The hollowed out ridged design is organic and basic in its pattern lending it the kind of rustic charm that homes leaning into minimalism will love to show off. Go on, give your love for nature and greens, a little boost of design and display.
Hanging planters suspended from balconies and such places lend a lovely energy to the space. apart from the fact that they are along the line of vision and help keep the floor free of dust and ease out the space crunch, also makes them equally an attractive option. Using this option will be all the more easy considering how attractive this little piece eon offer is. Tribal and basic in design it will help make your artificial creepers or your potted natural greens look all the more attractive. Bring the vibrancy of natural though this all - little inclusion.
Material: Paulownia Wood
Size: 19x19x16cm + hanger