Natural Curve Wood Planter Medium

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It has the most natural of woody colour - the paulownia wood has simply been hollowed out to give it this rustic kind of shape. The ridges being the only pattern and the hues of brown and the several tones of brown and beige adding to its superb look. You could display an artificial plant in its little dug out space and have it sit in your green spaces or on your window sill inviting a great natural vibe.
Made from paulownia wood, it comes with its own natural colouring and shaped in the most basic of designs. A simple hollowed out kind where you will find adequate space to place a plant or a faux plant of you so desire. Comes with its usual natural irregular texture and colour adding to its organic kind of presence. There is a ridged pattern that makes up its exterior, sized in such a way that it could be placed atop tables and window sills with ease. The compact size of the planter helps it to fit into smaller spaces too and its neutral colour blends it in and at the same time helps it give plants a more vibrant colour effect.
Material: Paulownia Wood
Size: 19x19x16cm

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