Morroc Navy Ceramic Planter XL

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The Planter Morroc Navy XL is the extra-large variant of the Planter Morroc Navy Lrg. Since there are customers who would want even more freedom in growing whatever specie of plant they so desire, this extra-large version was therefore created for such individuals and corporate or governmental institutions. Of course, it is suitable for use not only in private residential spatial setting, but also in official spatial settings.
Moulded in an extra-large size for that extra practical functionality, extra durability and extra ornamental appeal, the Planter Morroc Navy XL is certainly a plus in all of its specifications. It is moulded in a dimension which measures 26.5 centimetres in length, 26.5 centimetres in width and 27 centimetres in height. The interior is a rich and colourful tawny brown palette while its exterior is a combination of tawny brown and navy shade of blue. There are two of these extra -large planters in every carton you order today.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 26.5x26.5x27cm

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