Morroc Navy Ceramic Planter Large

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The Planter Morroc Navy Lrg is a fabulous addition to gardens given the fact that it is strikingly stylish and elaborately decorated. On the exterior of the planter are several intricately hand painted images all of which combine to form a Moroccan themed design. The motif is divisible into three sections while featuring three different designs. The uppermost design is different from the middle and the middle design is different from that in the lowest section.
Made in a perfectly round shape with its large sized hulk being supported by three stout legs, the Planter Morroc Navy Lrg takes into consideration durability and long serving functionality. It can be used to grow different species of plants like herbs, spices, vegetables, and even ornamental plants like vines and flowers. It is made through the artful moulding of premium quality ceramic material. The thoughtful choice of navy blue painting over a tawny brown coloured background is certain to satisfy the aesthetic taste of many of your customers.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 20x20x21cm

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