Mirror Arabic Ant/ Gold

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It is often said that mirrors are capable of reflecting the soul. It is therefore no wonder that people often sought for premium quality mirrors such as this Mirror Arabic Ant/ Gold. This is a mirror that is made of premium quality translucent glass which is then framed by equally premium quality metal which is richly coated in a golden palette that shines with gloss.
Measuring 60 centimetres in length and standing at a whopping 88 centimetres in height, it is certainly a large sized mirror that your customers would surely love to buy. There are three particular features that would make this Mirror Arabic Ant/ Gold appeal to a good number of your customers. The first is its aesthetic outlook which is realised by its unique shape and shiny gold coated metallic frame. The second attractive feature is its practical reflective capacity as it is made of top quality glass material which is highly translucent. The third is its big size which women would especially love.

Material: Metal, Mirror
Size: 60x2.5x88cm

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