Mini Garden Bench

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The Mini Low Bench Long is one of the newest furniture pieces that we have recently updated as part of huge our collection of furniture. This specially handmade bench is crafted in a horizontally inclined, long dimension which measures 38 centimetres in length, 12 centimetres in width and 12 centimetres in height. It is made from recycled timber in a sturdy design which ensures long lasting usage.
Made to be highly functional in several ways, the Mini Low Bench Long would be perfect for the furniture needs of several of your customers. Not just your customers alone, it would also prove to be useful even for you as you can use it in displaying several wares in your shop. It can also be used as a bench on which people or guests can sit. Apart from these uses in the shop and at home, it can also be used in a factory as a workbench.

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