Marine Coral Doorstop

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Everyday necessities around the house need not all be boring and infusing a design idea into them elevates them to quite another level of discourse - they could in fact lend more centring to your overall theme or begin a whole new one - pretty much like this gorgeous polyester doorstop that sits avidly on the floor but belongs where with your marine themed idea.
Play round with the use of doorstops and render not just the door much safer when billowing winds enter your home, but also let it help liven up dull doorways with their tiny but important presence. The wind does play up quite sneakily, making doors slam shut and sometimes being quite a hazard when kids are around. This marine themed piece is all white with a coral print on the face and a rope handle that has been slotted through the top. The knot and the colours in blue and white in itself add a touch of seaside freshness to it while the knotted top makes it easy to be moved around to a door where it could be deployed. A stunning design, perfect for homes that need more accents and additions to make the marine theme look more centred. The polyester fabric is tough and resilient and should be able to bear the wear and tear. The weight is adequate for the doorstop to not yield to the weight of the door, however heavy. About 20 cm in height and 7.5 cm in thickness.

Material: Polyester
Size: 14x20x7.5cm