Led Lighthouse Florida Large

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You will be tempted to pee in through the half-open door, the cracked and missing panes of the windows to look inside this beautiful porcelain-made lighthouse brings aback legends and stories of the sea like few things can. help your coastal look home get a whole new meaning in things truly closest to the sea - a lighthouse!
It lights up from within, making all its features come alive with a whole new look. The tiny platform which makes up its base, the brickwork, the doorway, and the windowpanes with missing glass - all of these and the fact that lighthouses have always been stuff for legends connected with the sea and seafaring folks, makes this the best addition ever for your spaces. It is about 20 cm tall with a maximum diameter of 8 cm which is at the base. The tower rises, tapering at the top. You can almost imagine, it warning the boats and ships out in the sea of a storm likely to toss the waves around. There is so much mystery surrounding lighthouses that any coastal feel home will love to put that legend right there in their decor. It can be teamed up with several other accents to give you a more complete look for space. Made of fine porcelain that has been immaculately glazed and crafted, this should soon be the talking point in your decor.

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