Island Blue Ceramic Planter Large

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Bring a fresh wave of excitement to your green saces with this delightful planter made from fine quality ceramic the blue and white combination is sure to make things look eclectic while its handcrafted nature is going to eb admired for its finesse and superb fresh appeal, making your plant displays come alive with new look is going to be so much easier now.
Give your plants the best in planters on offer from Lavida-created with the bets crafting techniques that kiln-fired ceramics are created in -this gorgeously patterned piece in blue and white speaks of the best crafting methods that has been involved in creating the delicate design-the soft hues and the sheen that makes it so distinctively beautiful. The planter is all of 21 cm in height and 20 cm in diameter making it a great pick for all who wish to give their foliar or flowering beauties the advantage that planters brig to them-a huge amount of attractiveness and the ability to be placed in any part of the exterior or interior of your home. The well-balanced piece stands on three legs and despite placing a heavy tall stemmed plant it will still be able to keep its balance. Will be admired as much for its gorgeous pattern as for its colour and sheen.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 20.5x20.5x21.5cm