Indigo Wash Stoneware Ceramic Planter Medium

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Moderately proportioned in a cylindrical shape, standing on four sturdy legs, featuring a cleverly demarcated smooth and coarse textured surface area, hand glazed in an aesthetically charming palette of white and indigo, the Planter Indigo Wash Medium possesses a lot of alluring qualities which is why your savvy clientele would be more than eager to get their hands on it.
The Planter Indigo Wash Medium is moulded with such skilfulness in a cylindrical form which measures 15 centimetres across its length and 15.5 centimetres in height. It is made from stoneware ceramic material which accounts for its sturdy shape and promise of durable usage. This cylindrical frame features two glazed patterns in which the first occupies the larger surface area of the planter reaching almost from the base of the planter all the way to the rim. This part is smooth textured and luxuriously glazed in indigo with streaks of white. The lower part has a pattern of coarse texture glazed in white. There are 16 in every carton you order today.
Material: Stoneware Ceramic
Size: 15x15x15.5cm

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