Hurricane Pan Palm

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We now live in the age of technology advancement with gorgeous electric lighting. Nonetheless, candles are ubiquitous and timeless items that never go out of trend. Hurricane Pan Palm is handy for daily use. Featuring a tropical theme and rustic accent, this candle holder can change any setting to suit a festive mood. It is a beautiful centrepiece to mark anniversaries and share cosy moments with loved ones.
Hurricane Pan Palm sets the right tone for romantic dinner and date. It juxtaposes this gorgeous metal with a scented candle to create enchanting illumination and add a spark to one's relationship. This metal collection comes with a metal handle for easy carriage. Painted in matte gold tone to shows off its natural texture and rustic accent. This metal piece never gets obsolete. It is refined with excellent hardness making it resilient to deteriorating and corrosive action. Breathe low vigour into a living space with a visually appealing metal collection.