Hanging Basket Curve White Dip

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Give your plants the extra boost of beauty with baskets that give them just that extra dose of charm. made from rattan and curved in style that would remind you of shopping bags from the turn of the century - these flower baskets have be designed to play host to any plant - be it creepers or the kind that are firmly stemmed. Made from fine quality sturdy rattan, they have been treated so as to be able to take the weight of the plant as well a s be sturdy in the face of moisture that is bound to be present.
When it comes to showing off your plants what could be better than the usage of right kinds of baskets and planters that enhance the look and in this case the natural material like rattan play the perfect hots. The fine quality woven rattan basket is curved and has a deep and well - formed deep space within which the plat can sit with utmost comfort. Be it creepers or stemmed plants, they will all feel the wonder of the wicker taking to its shape wonderfully. The basket has a round cut out shape on the top that will ease its placing on hooks or any such rod from where it merely needs to be suspended. Easy to clean off plant debris, the rattan will in fact mature further with time and with moisture, its structure will strengthen further a great means to make your plants look and feel more naturally displayed.

Material: Willow
Size: 36.5x16x44cm