Framed Print Drama Llama - 30x40cm

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This framed art is all of 40 cm in height and 30 cm in width making it correctly proportioned from all large to medium spaces. They bring with them the beauty of thing simple - and the drama llama print is soft in its colour palette and trendy in its styling. Given a light wood coloured frame, it will adorn the wall behind consoles study tables or behind the bed, in fact, with the range in the llama series, you could create cluster of a few of them and make quite an impression with it. Each graphic shows off the form and the detailing through its fine orienting. The glass cover and the frame adds to a perfect finish that makes it such a wonderful pick. Afterall, not all spaces need that stiff collared formal air and could do with some plain fun in the ambience. The pale blue and white coloured framed art will look positively serene and soft in summer ready space.

Material: Glass, Resin, Paper, MDF
Size: 30x40cm

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