Framed Canvas My Sunshine 40x50cm

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They make you shut your eyes, such is their brilliance and sheer energy-yet they singularly can make your day seem more cheerful. Who would not like that ray of sunshine in their lives- and here is an artistic take on what is perhaps the most natural of beautiful presence es that we tend to take for granted. Add this canvas that brings alive its beauty in the simplest most basic of ways.
Art is an imagined reality and when the artist delves into dimensions of that subject there is no limit to that-here is a take on 'sunshine' that looks simple and eclectic. The orange of the sun and the soft hues of pink that makes up the sun's rays adds a happy kind of warmth to any space. Add this to any wall that needs a little uplift and help lift the mood of the entire space. You could combine this simple depiction with the rainbow series to help build in more positivity in the space of your choice. Its simple and basic pattern makes it somewhat bold and impactful, modern and very chic. Artwork such as these on offer from Lavida make them a great pack for decor updates.
Material: Canvas, Resin, Pine
Size: 40x50cm

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