Drum Tables Marble S/2

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Spaces get their utility when they can be used either for extending seating to that space or if they could be used for display or for storage and in this case, the very presence of tables will help in making them compatible as much for seating as for displaying. Created from metal and marble, they are round, varied in size and make for a very handsome presence in your room-with the dark metal contrasting vividly with the whiteness of the marble.
Give your room the much needed extension when the need arises be it for extra guests who just decided to drop in , or when the party suddenly moves outdoors-you need those handy table that can simply be lifted and placed where you need to display lamp or wish to create a side table next to a seating space. there are so many reasons why this sturdy metal made table will not implore you for attention the round body is sturdily created from metal-the pattern on the side of the lower body looks delightful-modern and chic and yet the very striking contrast of the white stone like marble with metal adds that little twist of modernity going the archaic way. The height as well the diameter of the tables vary and hence they kind of manage to fit into small and larger spaces.
Material: Metal, Marble
Size: L: 40.5x40.5x51 / S: 35x35x47cm

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