Doorstop At The Beach

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"The best days of my life have been spent at the beach" speaks of one's love for the beach that seems to melt away anxieties. This beach-inspired doorstop is a must-have accessory that dares one to dream of the bliss of the seashores. Doorstop At The Beach comes with a blue backdrop, a trendy colour that breathes luxury and elegance. This is also a subtle approach to prevent the doorstop from accumulating dust.
It starfish graphics arouses one's instinct to discern new opportunities. The sea creatures have the auspicious meaning to bring good fortune into one's home. Doorstop At The Beach is not the conventional doorstops that seem outdated and redundant on-premises. This polyester made piece protect paint jobs and walls from being damaged each time doors are opened. Polyester is the best choice for this product because of its high tenacity and legendary durability. As the door is held from opening too widely, the doorstop is a strong fibre that can bear pressure without tearing asunder.
Material: Polyester
Size: 13x18x8cm