Desert Planter Small

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It is all of 11 cm in height and about the same in diameter and best suited for all kinds of small foliar and cacti and the kinds. You could create this gorgeous looking display with planter son offer from Lavida. Here is one that is crafted by hand using traditional technique and thus will help build in a certain kind of artisanal flair.
Bring the beauty of nature to any space with displayable greens - and making that possible is this new range of stylish planters that have been crafted by hand and given this hand painted motif to build in more uniqueness. Made from fine quality ceramic, this delightful piece comes in a size that will suit usage in the interiors. The high glaze on the body speaks volumes about the firing that has gone into its crafting. The white ceramic planter will be most suited for small to medium sized foliar or flowering beauties of your choice. Will combine well with all spaces. The curved body ends in base that is raised on tiny curved legs that allows the planter to be placed safely on table tops or sills if you so desire without fear of any wet or other stains. Will wipe clean with a cloth to looks as great as new.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 11x11x11cm

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