Cream Stripe Capiz Stool

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The Stool/Table Capiz Cream Stripe is one of our most recent additions to our huge stock of furniture. It is a cleverly crafted product using the specially engineered Medium Density Fibreboard and ornamented with the natural beauty of Capiz. It is made in a cylindrical shape measuring 35 centimetres in length, 35 centimetres in breadth, and a whopping 47 centimetres in height with a dual function.
Remember that we promised to always update our stock with only the latest and most appealing products every few weeks? Well, the Stool/Table Capiz Cream Stripe is in fulfilment of that promise as it is one of the trending furniture you'll come across today. Apart from its savvy combination of Medium Density Fibreboard material with that of Capiz, it also comes in a functional cylindrical design which gives it the dual functionality of being useful as a stool and as a table depending on the need of your customers.

Material: MDF / Capiz
Size: 35x35x47cm