Capiz Stool Side Table Black/cream

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The Capiz Stool Side Table Black/cream is a prepossessing pretty piece of furniture with a classic appearance and multiple functionalities. Handmade in a cylindrical shaped form, it has a black coloured exterior which is beautified using hundreds of cream coloured hour glass shaped Capiz arranged in an horizontal pattern all around the body of this classic piece of furniture. It is simply adorable.
The black and cream palette of this Stool/Table Capiz Black/Cream is a most prominent feature of this piece of furniture. Wherever you decide to display this furniture in your shop, whether among stools or tables, it would stand out of the rest and captivate the visual interest of customers due to its prominent, bright palette. But, that is not its only distinctive features; it is also handcrafted from Medium Density Fibreboard in an unusual cylindrical pattern which is why classic establishments such as 5 stars hotels, bars, saloons, and other such corporate organizations would love to have it. Its base is covered by black felt material as a protective layer from scratches.Material: MDF / Capiz
Size: 35x35x47cm

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