Candle Whelk Shell

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The Candle Whelk Shell is a beautiful accent of light that would blend in seamlessly into every decorative setting no matter where it is to be used, be it in interior or exterior decorations. The stunningly charming design is inspired by the beautiful sea snail - whelk. And like whelks, this candle is also made with such a lovely appeal. It is crafted using top quality ceramic material with an emerald interior and a white exterior.
Did you know that whelks, which are a beautiful species of sea snails, are actually carnivores which eats and hunts other marine animals such as crustaceans, worms, molluscs and even other whelks? What makes them attractive to a great number of Australians however, is not its carnivorous appetite, but its exceptional shell beauty. And this is exactly the same beauty reproduced through this Candle Whelk Shell. Moulded to look exactly like whelks, this ceramic ornament contains pure quality wax which would produce a glow that heightens the beauty of the whelk shell.