Candle Urchin Seafoam

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The Candle Urchin Seafoam is a big, bold, and beautiful ornamental item that possesses and exudes a compelling visual attention from everyone who happens to take a glance at it. No matter where you decide to display it in your shop, it would advertise itself due to its uncompromisingly exceptional design. Apart from its shapeliness and urchin motif design, it also contains pure refined wax and a wick.
Cleverly moulded in the shape of a big bowl designed in the form of a sea urchin, the Candle Urchin Seafoam is a coastal themed ornament that attempts at bringing the sea and all of its beauty into interior and exterior decorations. It possesses an enchanting look which is heightened by its perfectly suitable choice of sea green palette. The interior showcases a glossy smoothness while its exterior is lined with vertically arranged, white textured dots. This beauty is increased even further when the wax contained in it is lit. Material: Ceramic, Wax
Size: 13x12x8.5cm

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