Candle Tulip Shell

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In what other memorable way can your customers enjoy the soothing decorative glow of premium refined candles than by using this Candle Tulip Shell? This ornately designed and decorated candle holder is a stunning statement piece that would literally compel your customers to engage in impulsive buying even though they never had it in mind that they'll be buying a candle. Moreover, it is available at affordable price points!
The Candle Tulip Shell possesses a stunning ornamental beauty that even the blind can see! This skilfully crafted ceramic candle holder is shrewdly moulded in the form and shape of snails. This shell is already filled with well-refined, quality wax. Located already in the middle of this white refined wax is a long serving wick which would produce a soothingly cool glow when lit. Apart from using its illuminative candle lighting option, it is a decorative ornament in its own right. If you are in need of an empty shell like this, we have that in stock as well.

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