Aztec Natural Ceramic Planter Large

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The Planter Aztec Nat Lrg is a large sized planter that is convenient and suitable for growing a wide variety of plants including but not limited to herbs, veggies, spices and ornamental plants such as flowers and vines. Despite its versatile practical functionality, it however does not sacrifice functionality for aesthetic beauty. The planter possesses a compelling visual appearance given its artfully decorated exterior.
The magnificent glazing and etched in design which decorates the exterior of this planter is inspired by the designs often rendered by ancient Aztec. The elaborate ornamentation consists of three sections. The first and third sections are decorated in the same pattern featuring vertical lines and floral images at the base. The elaborate middle design features interlinked kite shapes which have floral patterns located at the middle of each kite. The planter itself is made in a round, large dimension using premium quality ceramic material. There are as many as 4 of this planter in every carton that you order today.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 20x20x21cm

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